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  1. Will Power 1:55
  2. Sour Date 2:00
  3. Phone Conversation 1:40
  4. Within 2:32
  5. Late for Work 1:30
  6. Finest In Detroit 1:08
  7. Meet Molly 3:28

Drama Short | 2014

Directed by Robert Joseph Butler

Jacob is a hopeless Detroit romantic looking for love in the digital era. After miserable dates, he looks for life’s meaning through a series of philosophical readings on synchronicity. But Jacob can’t seem to get anything right . His life goes on a downward spiral that includes being disconnected from society and even family, being trapped at his dead end job at a diner, and failing to find the right woman. Eventually Jacob has a brief encounter with a stranger visiting Detroit who can ultimately allow Jacob to discover a renewed purpose to his life

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