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Below are scenes from various movies that I’ve worked on. Soon, I will have more videos posted.

The following clip is from a horror film, “Cassidy Way”. It’s an action sequence where film students are trespassing, who are about to get caught. The music is a hybrid of orchestra and electronics. Notice the tempo and hits as they appear/sound with the scene changes! The film is available @ Amazon, iTunes and Vudu.

Listen to the soundtrack on Spotify!

The scene below is from the popular film, “A GIRL LIKE HER“. In the scene, we see how Jessica (the victim) is attackedĀ  by a bully through a hidden camera view. The film is available on Netflix.

Listen to the soundtrack on Spotify!


The clip below is from the LIONSGATE family film, “Arlo: The Burping Pig“. It’s an orchestral score that I did, with light and quirky themes.

This clip is taken from the film, “Safe House“. I didn’t work on this film, nor does this music exist in the actual film. I used this scene as a demo purpose.

The scene below is in the horror genre. From the film, “Dark Fields” starring David Carradine.

I was hired by Red Thread Pictures to compose the music for their theatrical logo.

The clip below is from the family drama, “3 Weeks To Daytona“.

Here are some TV commercials I’ve done.

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