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  1. The Manor David Bateman 1:42
  2. What Becomes Of Her David Bateman 1:57
  3. Cousin Love David Bateman 3:32
  4. An Evil Mind David Bateman 2:58
  5. Findings David Bateman 2:34
  6. Amy's Theme David Bateman 1:30
  7. It's About Choices You Make David Bateman 2:43
  8. Trampolines Are Fun David Bateman 1:22
  9. Knife In Hand David Bateman 0:37
  10. Birthday Candles David Bateman 2:18
  11. The True Believers David Bateman 0:49
  12. 11 Killed In A Gazebo 1:02
  13. The Cousins David Bateman 0:39
  14. Night Terrors David Bateman 2:17
  15. The Grounds David Bateman 0:55

2018 | Horror

Directed by Jonathan Schermerhorn
Starring, Christina Robinson, Kevin Nash, Rachel True

“Still haunted by the demons of a childhood tragedy, Amy (Christina Robinson, “Dexter”) checks out of an asylum on her eighteenth birthday. But things get weird when Amy’s mother takes her to a rustic resort to visit her strange, sadistic relatives. When hunters and religious fanatics join the party, Amy can no longer tell fantasy from reality, watching helplessly as the blood spills anew. This shocking horror-thriller also features wrestling star Kevin Nash (John Wick) and Rachel True (The Craft).”

This family reunion is gonna be insane.


DAW – Sonar
Mixed in Pro Tools

Live Instruments: Guitars, Bass
Virtual Libraries: Zebra synth, DIVA, Spitfire Albion One, Project Sam’s Symphobia 1 & 2

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