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  1. Opening Credits 1:10
  2. Assault 0:34
  3. One Point Eight Million 2:55
  4. The Heist 2:08
  5. Wasteland 0:50
  6. Poker Heist 4:07
  7. Blue Line 5:52
  8. Behind The Mask 4:04
  9. Breakaway 2:11
  10. Lindsay's Escape 6:01
  11. Money Drop 2:39
  12. Mastermind 3:37
  13. Broza Visits Walters 1:29
  14. Crime Scene 2:40
  15. Basking In The Afterglow 3:39
  16. Morning 3:25
  17. Planning 0:36

2017 | Action, Thriller

Directed by Jacob Cooney
Starring Tom Sizemore, Jordan Ladd, Nikki Moore

A woman and her best friend go on a crime spree to rob her husband and escape her marriage.


Working on this score was special to me in many ways. It was the first film I worked on in my new studio (in 2015!) I met some fantastic people with whom I continue to work with today. It was also an opportunity to work on a soundtrack for one of my favorite 90’s action stars, Tom Sizemore.

In creating the score, Jake (the director) and I decided to go in a direction of using a lot of drones with pulsating rhythms. I created a lot of drone/pads using the Zebra synth and creating a lot of textures using Kontakt. Once I created all of my sound designing elements, I started to layer with more virtual instruments from Symphobia, Cinesamples, LASS, and Project Alpha & Bravo by Hybrid Two.

Technical specs::.
DAW: Sonar, mixed in Pro Tools

Live Instruments used were guitars, bass, and drums.
Virtual Instruments:
For my orchestral instruments I used Albion One, Symphobia 1 & 2, LASS, Action Strikes.
The hybrid elements I used were from Project Alpha, Project Bravo, and Hybrid Tools by 8Dio.
The synths I used were Zebra and Diva, using sound libraries from The Unfinished.

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