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Documentary | 2016

Directed by Michael Ozias

OF DOGS AND MEN explores a disturbing trend in American law enforcement: the shooting of pet dogs. From SWAT raids to simple calls and even visits to wrong addresses, we are seeing more and more incidents of officers using lethal force against a family pet they deem a threat. Are these rash reactions by officers in a system with little regard for our four-legged family members, or are they true peace officers doing their best in a dangerous job? OF DOGS AND MEN investigates the issue from all angles, interviewing law enforcement officers and experts, and taking a journey with pet owners through the tragedy of loss and pursuit of change in a legal system in which the very officers they challenge are an integral part.

  1. Destroyed Views David Bateman 2:15
  2. Driving Moment David Bateman 2:37
  3. Happy and Nostalgic David Bateman 2:28
  4. Hope David Bateman 2:25
  5. How Can We Trust Them David Bateman 3:56
  6. Moments In A Dimension David Bateman 2:40
  7. Nostalgia David Bateman 2:27


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