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2019 | TV Movie
Romantic Comedy

Directed by Peter Foldy
Starring: Jen Lilley, Andrew Lawrence, Jonathan Bennett
Released by MarVista Entertainment

Amber’s (Jen Lilley) life is less than ideal – she recently split from her “perfect” boyfriend Kevin (Jonathan Bennett), and her job leaves her uninspired. But when she starts re-living the same day over and over again, Amber realizes she is stuck in limbo. As she tries everything in her power to win Kevin back, she turns to her co-worker friend Charlie (Andrew Lawrence) for help and must finally decide what it will take to make her truly happy – Is it Kevin who may not be as perfect as he seemed or Charlie who was always there when she needed him?

  1. Love On Repeat 1:59
  2. Repeating 0:37
  3. New Reality 2:22
  4. End of The Day 0:45
  5. A New Day, Maybe 1:36
  6. Not Dressed To Impress 1:38
  7. Careful What You Wish 0:49
  8. Troubled Heart 0:56
  9. Devising A Plan 0:50
  10. You're A Really Great Friend 1:39
  11. Losing Hope 2:08
  12. Now Isn't A Great Time 1:20
  13. Coffe Break 0:48
  14. Just Another Day 0:30
  15. It's A New Day 1:29
  16. Another Night 2:01
  17. Getting It Right 1:32
  18. Baby Olympics 2:02
  19. Expert In Guessing Babies 2:17


DAW – Sonar, Pro Tools

Live Instruments used: Guitar, Mandolin, Bass Guitar, Trumpet, Drums, Violin, Piano

Virtual Libraries used:
Spitfire Albion One, British Drama Toolkit, Olafur Arnalds Evolutions, Olafur Arnalds Toolkit
Orchestra Tools’ Metropolis Ark 2
Project Sam’s Symphobia 1 & 2, Orchestral Essentials

Working on LOVE ON REPEAT (previously titled Stuck Out of Love) was a little challenging since I had only two weeks to write and record the score. An ideal schedule would be 6-8weeks before delivery, but I was up for the challenge. Once I had the opening melody written, I blazed through.

After watching the locked cut, I was immediately inspired and wrote the main theme … which you can hear throughout in almost every cue. I started with the opening sequence to the film (“Love on Repeat”). I wanted to create a score that would be fun, energetic and quirky with a bit of emotion to it as Amber struggles through her re-living the same day over, and over again.

I enjoyed working on this score as I got to record myself playing live drums, mandolin and acoustic guitar.

This is also when I began using Pro Tools for scoring. Up until this time, (20+ years) I used Cakewalk’s Sonar for writing and recording. I would then mix and deliver everything in Pro Tools. From this moment on, I use Pro Tools for everything now. I like the fact I that I have a one-stop-shop rather than transferring from various software applications. My productivity has cut in half, which allows me more ease when I have tight deadlines, such as I did with this film!

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