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  1. Welcome to Anthropology 101 David Bateman 1:42
  2. Krapina David Bateman 2:00
  3. Pain and Suffering David Bateman 3:32
  4. Finding Solace David Bateman 6:03
  5. Lemon Tree David Bateman 3:32
  6. Homeless David Bateman 5:23
  7. Unresolved Conflict David Bateman 3:49
  8. Pavlovs Dog David Bateman 1:58
  9. Happy Memories David Bateman 4:10
  10. One Thing In Common David Bateman 2:32
  11. The Lonely Professor David Bateman 6:09
  12. I Love French Fries David Bateman 1:30
  13. Suicide Note David Bateman 2:19
  14. Mary's Alive David Bateman 3:26

Film | 2014

Directed by Harvey Lowry
Starring, Kathleen Gati,
Released by Cinema Epoch

Professor Olga Pavlic is lecturing her students at a college, on the origin of man and the English language. When she receives an anonymous love letter, she is faced with the challenge of her life.

About the score::.


Ambient & Minimalistic
My favorite cue: Finding Solace

DAW – Sonar, mixed in Pro Tools
Live Instruments – sounds of a classroom
Virtual Instruments – Symphobia, LASS, REV, Massive

This film was a bit out of my comfort zone, style-wise. When Harvey Lowry (director) came to me and asked for me to do the score I was a little hesitant at first. The film takes place in one room … a classroom with A LOT of dialogue. However, I’m always up for a challenge and to try new things.

My first approach was thinking to go with a minimalistic score, since there’s so much dialogue, and really no transitions of scenes. So, my job was to carry the emotions in a very subtle way. Then another thought crossed my mind. Why not sample all of the sounds you hear in a classroom and create instruments using those sounds? I began recording pencils, pens, chalk on chalkboards, paper crumbling, chairs moving/sliding, etc. After adding a lot of effects to change pitch, and add dimension .. I found that I had an inspiring palette to begin with.

I’m very proud to have worked on this score and to go that extra mile to achieve the sound. It was a good learning process.

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