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  1. Tied Up 0:54
  2. Start Of The Day 1:30
  3. Morning Routine 0:33
  4. Gone Missing 1:33
  5. When Fear Strikes 2:53
  6. Kidnapper's Lair 1:47
  7. Arden Drive 2:52
  8. Mady's In Danger 2:57
  9. Dirty Money 1:43
  10. Victoria Grows Irritated 1:09
  11. We All Come Together 2:26
  12. Looking For Leads 0:51
  13. Overprotected 0:50
  14. Processing It All 1:39
  15. Safe & Sound 2:44
  16. The Truth About Brent 2:25
  17. Threatened 1:54
  18. Tracking 2:47
  19. Two Year Affair 1:16

Film | 2018

Directed by Jared Cohn
Starring Katrina Begin, Joey Lawrence, David Chokachi
Released by MarVista Entertainment

Plot Summary

Alice is happy to be leaving her high-stress job of hostage negotiator behind so she can spend more time with her family. Her plans are knocked for a loop when her daughter is abducted and the kidnapper doesn’t send a ransom demand. Forced to reenter a world she thought she had put behind her, Alice investigates the crime on her own and discovers the perpetrator has a personal vendetta against her husband.

Dramatic Thriller

DAW – Sonar

Live Instruments used: Guitar, Drums, Violin, Piano
Virtual Libraries used:
Spitfire Albion One, Tundra, British Drama Toolkit, Olafur Arnalds Evolutions, Olafur Arnalds Toolkit

I’m proud to have scored “A Mother’s Worst Fear”, for Dawn’s Light Media. This thriller tells the story of an ex-hostage negotiator, whose daughter has been abducted and she’ll do anything to find her.

For one, I love scoring action-thrillers. When I first receive a film, it’s usually temped with music to help guide me in a specific direction. This film was delivered with NO temp score! Which in most cases is a blessing. It leaves me to 100% creativity for the score. However, I found myself in uncharted waters (every film I get has temp music strewn throughout the film). I had a bit of writer’s block & couldn’t find the motivation. I was becoming frustrated not being able to conjure any notes that were satisfying. Out of that frustration, I was playing ridiculously on my violin, not realizing that I was still recording. I played it back … had a good laugh and then wondered what it would sound like if I threw a lot of reverb/delays, and time stretched it. Viola! That sound eventually became the kidnapper’s theme – a sinister drone.
* you can hear that in the track “Tied Up”

Mady’s theme came next, using electric guitar with an upbeat & repetitive motif.
                *you can hear it in the track, “Start Of The Day”

Most of the score I wrote while sitting at the piano. When recording the score,  I used The Gentleman’s Piano from Native Instruments for the piano sound, and layered it with several string patches from the Spitfire Audio libraries, Olafur Arnalds Evolutions, and their British Drama Toolkit. I find the string patches in those libraries to be very inspirational when writing emotional tracks.

The synths and pulsating rhythms you hear are from Uhe’s Zebra and Diva, and the libraries used are from The Unfinished. I also used a lot of Native Instruments’ Thrill.

I hope you enjoy the score as much as I did in writing it!

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