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The survival thriller that I scored a while ago will be in theaters this March. I collaborated with Eric Bobo of Cypress Hill on this soundtrack. The film is directed by Douglas Schulze, and marks as our third collaboration together (Dark Fields, The Dogs Fighter).

This was one of the most challenging films that I’ve worked on in my career. The film has very little dialogue. Like only a few words! So, that meant music and sound design would be an integral part. Since the film mostly takes place on a lake and under a lake!, I created a lot of custom instruments using objects such as ice, water, shovels, axes, ice picks, and many more. I wanted to achieve a tense, claustrophobic, and bone-chilling atmosphere. As crazy as this sounds, I would hold ice cubes for a while before recording many of the parts and have fans blowing on me. The actors and crew in this film went through some brutal conditions and did such an amazing job onscreen, that I wanted to share the same commitment and tensity.

Here’s a special clip from the film, presented by Birth, Movie, Death

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